About Us

We are a multi style non-profit martial arts federation, our aim is to promote unity in martial arts and approach all aspects of teaching Martial Arts with a modern perspective yet maintaining the principles taught by our masters.

MAFI started as the Oriental Karate Association in the early 1970s teaching Shotokan Karate only with our president Hanshi Hassan Dilaimi 9th DAN which then progressed on to becoming the Martial Arts Federation Great Britain.
Subsequently MAFI was established alongside our other goals  to accomodate the every growing number of clubs both nationally and internationally.

MAFI is affiliated with WUKF and several international bodies, this gives our members the opportunity to access European, World Cup and World championships.

We seek to encourage independent martial arts clubs to progress in providing a good standard of martial arts and provide managerial assistance, we are open to all types of clubs and associations to join us both nationally and internationally to access the benefits provided by their countries MAFI recognised national governing body.

MAFI established its first national governing body in Great Britain named as MAFI-GB, we believe Martial Arts in Europe and some continents are not supported well by their structures, this leads to students and instructors losing interest in the art and not considering Martial Arts as a career. We do not focus to regulate organisations but only to guide and advise them as we believe every member to be unique.

Karate is a specialist field we operate in, our team have worked with many members and associations in this style for several years, though our mulitude of styles grows every year.