MAFI-GB Karate Grading 12th June 2022

From June 12, 2022 10:00 until June 12, 2022 16:00

At Haverstock School 24 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2BQ, UK

[email protected]


Dear Members,

Due to COVID we will have measures in place to ensure the safety of all attendees.

COVID Rules for grading (Subject to change):

  1. There will only be 1 spectator allowed per child/student.
  2. All attendees including spectators must wear a mask at all times including travel to the venue, except during their own grading.
  3. On entrance your temperature will be taken with a maximum allowable temperature of 37.5c
  4. There will be hand sanitisation stations available on entrance and exit of the venue. 
  5. If you are feeling unwell or have COVID symptoms please do not attend and let us know.
  6. Grading will be carried out in belt groups to minimise the number of people grading at the same time.
  7. All attendees must maintain distancing rules and must not socialise in the common areas of the venue.
  8. Please ensure you have a copy of your registration ticket (on your phone) and your green book to hand in to the desk.

Programme (Subject to change):

Please arrive 5 minutes before your grading slot, preferably already in your Karate Gi if possible.

10AM - 10.45AM: White 1 Stripe & White 2 Stripe Belts

11AM-11.45AM: Yellow & Green Belt

12PM-12.45PM: Purple & Purple 1 Stripe Belts

1PM-1.45PM: Brown to Brown 2 Stripe Belts

2PM - Onwards: Black Belts Only

Please click the link below for registration and payment:

Registration Form

2022-06-12 10:00:00
2022-06-12 16:00:00