MAFI 2020 Squad Calendar

MAFI-GB Squad Competition Calendar
|MAFI GB | London | 2020 |
The following is a list of championships we will be attending in the 2020 year
there may be further additions during the year please check for updates.

25th April(12Yrs-)

26th April (13yrs+)

Karate Sport England Championship (Harlow) A SQUAD
  17th May 2020 EKCC Championship (Clacton) A SQUAD
  21st June 2020 EKCC Championship (Clacton) A SQUAD

1st-5th July

WUKF World Championships (Poland) England Squad Only


Please note: Selections for the World championships will be made at the end of April, this will be assessed by Fitness & Performance from January to April)

 All members of the squad will be required to read and understand the athletes code of conduct, dates of your squad sessions for the year are posted on our events page.
If you have any questions please speak with your coach or send us an email.