Renshi Alex Sylvan 6th Dan Self Defence Course 2018

Self Defence Course 2
| MAFI GB | London | 2018 |

Renshi Alex Sylvan 6th Dan - Practical Self Defence Course 2 (brief recap from course 1) .


This course is designed for Students & Instructors to improve their knowledge of self defence applied in real life scenarios.


Some of the topics covered in this course are:

1: Striking fundamentals.

2: Joint Manipulation

3: Sweeping from a grappling position.

4: Defence against choke holds.

5: Defence against a takedown.

6:  Inner and outer defence against punches.

7: Defence against a head lock.

8: Understanding suitable standing positions against an aggressor in different  scenarios.

9: Moving (Sabaki) to gain effective  leverage/advantage over your opponent.

10: Simple but effective strikes on Pads.



This course of this series will be performed with only one attacker.

It will build  the initial  framework needed to progress  to more advance techniques learnt in courses to follow. 


Recommended  for only the advanced and serious Karateka.


All MAFI members are welcome to attend if you are eligible-
Eligibility checklist:
  • Brown Belt and Above
  • Have a valid membership with MAFI
  • 18 years old and above


There are limited spaces please book in ADVANCE!  

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