Charity Gala- Martial Arts Charitable Trust

Charity Gala- Martial Arts Charitable Trust
| MAFI | London | 2016 | 30th September
Dear Members,
The Martial Arts Charitable Trust (MACT) which was comissioned by MAFI will be holding its second fundraising event.
So far they have succesfully funded 16 students to continue their Karate lessons.
For more information please visit the website below and download the Gala invite PDF below.
GALA INVITE:  Click here to download

MAFI-GB A and B Squad Selections

MAFI-GB A & B -Squad Selection
|MAFI GB | London | 2016 |
The following is a list of students from all clubs in London selected for the MAFI-GB A and B squads.
A SQUAD- National and Regional Circuits
Alexandra Dyal: Kata & Kumite
Hilton Oberoi: Kata & Kumite
Shannon Rex: Kata
Joseph Kahn: Kata & Kumite
Maxime Zigrand: Kata
Iliya Satrap: Kata
Kechelle Dalton: Kata & Kumite
Fiamma Uzellia de Marie:  Kata
Karin Lelengboto: Kata

 Jibril Diop: Kumite

B SQUAD - Training Sessions only
Jasper Booth
Nefeli Dalglish
Christian David
Katerina P
Nicolas Zigrand
Edward Pegg
Harry Pulis
Hissah Alfaisal
Alexander West

Elena Lelengboto

Brian Oberoi

Ruby Samuels
Sienna O'Keefe
Robin Goevert
Saif Meliti
Petra Coleman
Salma Mouradi
All new members of the A Squad will be required to understand the athletes code of conduct at your next squad session, dates of your squad sessions for the year will be posted shortly.
If you have any questions please speak with your coach or send us an email.

Important Announcement- Passing of our President Hanshi Hassan Dilaimi

Important Announcement- Passing of our President Hanshi Hassan Dilaimi
| MAFI | London | 2015 |
1934 - 2015

It is with deep regret to announce the passing of our President and Chief Instructor Hanshi Hassan Dilaimi who passed away in Ghana on 7th July 2015.

He was not only the President of our association but a great master and mentor to our members and Karate-Ka.
He began Karate as a boy and attained his first black belt as an adult in India.

On 9th December 2012 he was awarded 9th Dan.
He founded (as President) the Oriental Karate Association in the UK in the early 1970s teaching Shotokan Karate. As that grew it became the Martial Arts Federation Great Britain and finally the Martial Arts Federation International which was etablished to accomodate the ever growing number of clubs internationally.
He was respected throughout the karate community by those who knew him and his loss is a great one to Karate and to the martial arts.
Our thoughts are with his family and those who were closest to him.
It is now our duty as martial artists to carry his legacy forward and pass his teachings down to future generations.
With respect to Hanshi.